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July 28, 2008 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

Today I swapped hours with a co-worker.  One of the girls I work with couldn’t work three of her scheduled days next week, so I happily flopped schedules with her.  I have nothing else going on, so I never mind working for other people.  We also swapped some shifts for next weekend since I asked for the days off and never got anything back: no approval, no rejection.  We’re going to Myrtle Beach, so right now I have Friday and Saturday off.  Hopefully once the Sunday schedule comes out, I won’t be on it and won’t need to switch anything else!  That would be pretty perfect.  (So it won’t happen, natch.)


On weekdays I only work in the afternoon and evening, since I don’t have a car and need a ride back and forth.  My mom drives me over once she’s out of work, when the car is free.  I was able to arrange a ride for this morning so I could cover my friend’s shift though, and it actually worked out really well!  I like working in the mornings because it feels like it goes by faster, and the day went as well as it possibly could.  We’re supposed to average one rewards card application per hour, so since I worked seven and a half hours, I needed about eight applications.  I got 16 on my own, 20 total after co-workers added a few.  There’s talk of moving me to the morning shift for my next two weeks before fall semester starts up again — rides are being arranged, and it would be more hours, more money.  Can’t beat that!  I’m not a morning person but it would probably be a good routine.  I’m taking a 9 AM class this semester (woe) and getting up is going to be killer, so this is probably a very good thing for my lazy ass.


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