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Are You Being Served

Today I praised an employee in a customer service survey.  At my job, we randomly select people to fill out surveys, which gives them a chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree.  (That’s pretty much my speech verbatim!)  If people fill them out and say good things, there’s a chance the store will get a bonus, so I know how important it is to get them turned in.  Of course it doesn’t happen that often though, since it’s really easy to ignore it or forget about it.  I shopped at Macy’s over the weekend and was asked to fill out a survey, and of course it’s so easy to just cast it aside, but I received good service so I filled mine out tonight.  Hope it helps, Cathy at Macy’s!

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Prize Party

Today I bought raffle tickets for the Help a Mama Swag-o-Rama. Each ticket helps the ladies from MOMocrats go to the Democratic National Convention, so it’s for a good cause! Also, I really like raffles and prizes. I bought two tickets for myself and one for a friend. It would be cool to win the prizes I’m interested in, naturally, but also really fun to surprise someone with a prize package I think she’d like. Fingers crossed!

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Ain’t Nothin’ but Trash

Today I took the garbage can and recycling bin inside for my mom. I don’t know if she actually cared about this, but hey, I did it and felt good about it! My mom was running a little late this afternoon, so I brought everything into the garage before she came home so she didn’t have to do it. Getting out of the car to drag that stuff inside is one of the most arduous things in the world, but leaving the house to do it wasn’t too bad at all.

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In (re)Session

Today I took my parents out to breakfast. We hit up Biscutville and it was delightful, as always! I also worked straight through my shift at work without taking a lunch break, since we had a nonstop stream of customers for the full seven hours I was there. There was never any point where I could step back and breathe. Tax free weekend, you are a blessing and a curse! I probably could’ve demanded a lunch break but it would’ve been really hard on everyone else, and I am completely uninterested in stirring up shit. So I worked and it was long, but I survived!


Something fun for August is Blog the Recession, an idea of Motherhood Uncensored‘s. I think it kind of goes along with the theme of this blog, so of course I’m excited about it. You can participate through your own blog or mine — all you have to do is click through the blogroll! Let that be your good thing for the day!

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In Good Company

I honestly can’t even remember the Rack Up activities I’ve done over the past two days. I really need to record them every night, but work’s been kicking my ass and everything’s run together. I’ve got today’s though, and that’s what matters, right? Right!

Today I signed up for a New York & Company credit card. Admittedly this was partially to get a 50% discount on my insanely expensive purchases (big ups to North Carolina’s tax free weekend!), but a big factor was that it helped the cashier. A few months ago, a classmate told me she used to work for New York & Company, and a big part of the job is getting people to sign up for credit cards. If you don’t bring in credit cards, you don’t get any hours. I’m constantly grateful I don’t have to do that at my job, since I can only imagine how hard it must be, so I like the idea that signing up for a card helped the cashier out a little bit. She explained how to close the account with my first payment, which I may or may not do, but either way this was a cool one.

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Take That Time and Appreciate

Today I e-mailed an old teacher to tell her about my job’s Teacher Appreciation Day.

I’m so excited about this one!  My seventh grade Social Studies teacher is one of my favorite people of all time, so it delights me when she come into my job to shop for school supplies.  She still remembers me after all these years and I just love her, always will.  My job had penny sales recently, so I tried to let her know about those whenever I saw her, but I definitely wanted her to know about Teacher Appreciation Day too.  Just in case she doesn’t come in before then, I tracked down her e-mail address and sent her the details.  This is definitely one of my favorite activities of this project so far, just because I adore her so much.  It makes me really excited to do something for her, so hopefully she checks her school e-mail over the summer!

Edit: She replied and told me I’m the best! Eee!!

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